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Video tutorials to learn how to use UNFOLD3D®

Presentation of the user interface.

This short video shows the main areas of the user interface (Viewport / Tool Bars / etc.). Pay attention to the fact that Unfold3D works using "Edit Modes" (e.g : Select / Transform / Paint). When activating an edit mode, you will have access to different tools (located on the right side panel).

Very basic video tutorial.

If you are new to Unfold3D, take a look at this video - it goes through the very simple operations that will lead you to your first UV layout. Importantly, it shows the "Mouse Bindings" preset panel. Use this panel to select the preset that corresponds to your favorite 3D software. These presets modify the access to operations like ORBIT/PAN/ZOOM, Selection/Deselection, area selection, Edge Path Selection (edge loop and shortest path).

Basic video tutorial.

This video quickly covers the 'Edge Loop Selection' tool mode, and shows that you can also cut your model in the UV viewport. Pressing the Unfold (U) key will only recompute the islands that have been cut ('C' key) or welded (CTRL-'C' keys). Each time you edit your mesh, you can recompute the layout automatically using the Pack feature ('P' key).

Multi UV grid tutorial.

See how to rearrange UV islands in a multi grid layout.

Parallelize and align tutorial.

Learn how to parallelize and align edge loops.


It covers the navigation in the 3D and UV viewports, as well as the different display modes.

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