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Success story of UNFOLD3D® software since 2004
May 19th 2004

Very first sale of UNFOLD3D site license to french studio Action Synthèse for Euros 7000, of which Euros 6300 were directly given to its initial author to start rewarding his efforts.

October 10th 2004

Presentation workshop of UNFOLD3D at E-magiciens show (Valenciennes, North of France).

February 17th 2005

First 3D school teaching how to get wonderful UV mapping with help of UNFOLD3D : Supinfocom Arles (South of France).

March 6th 2006

Mr Clement Vidal (Computer Graphics Master) designs first plug-in version of UNFOLD3D for 3DS Max®.

May 3rd 2007

With the help of Mr Marc BARBEY, from REGARD3D german company, former reseller of UNFOLD3D, presentation at FMX show in Stuttgart.

August 21st 2007

Participation and presence (booth) with the support of UBIFRANCE to Games Convention standing at Leipzig, Germany, for three days.

December 13th 2007

Mr Georges Varouchas ends design of plug-in version of UNFOLD3D for XSI® 3D software from Softimage® canadian company, and provides first developments for new feature giving determination of shortest path for automatic mesh cutting.

February 18th 2008

Mr Frederic Dalmas designs new graphics for the online store of UNFOLD3D and engages a major business development in France and the rest of the world.

November 22nd 2011

Advertising spot shown on IMED TV, Mediterranean news channel.

February 7th 2012

UNFOLD3D benefits from booth of LUCENACENSE (subsidiary of POLYGONAL DESIGN) to get new customers and professional relations at IMAGINA 2012 show.

December 6th 2013

Autodesk® chooses UNFOLD3D for its robustness and performance to replace the earlier unwrapping feature from Maya. Nowadays, UNFOLD3D and its main features, unfolding and packing features, are included in Maya.

February 19th 2014

Start of collaboration with Agie Charmilles, swiss subsidiary company from GFMS (Georg Fischer Machining Solutions) for a specific UNFOLD3D declination designed for Laser Texturing (industrial application).

October 1st 2015

3D WORLD magazine, in its issue number 199, spots UNFOLD3D as being highly recommended by awarding this software with "SILVER REVIEW BADGE".

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