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Interview with Proton (William Vaughan - USA)

[POLYGONAL DESIGN] : Hello Proton ! Who are you, and how long have you been using UNFOLD3D ?
[WILLIAM VAUGHAN] : My name is William Vaughan, although most of the 3d community knows me as Proton. I have a background in creative 3D for print, web, multimedia, games and broadcast. During the last 10 years, I have created work for Compaq, New Line Cinema, Halliburton and many other companies. In 2002, I joined NewTek's marketing team as the LightWave 3D Evangelist, working closely with the LightWave development team and key accounts. A year ago I started teaching at the DAVE school where I instruct and direct animated short films produced 100% by the students.I also run SpinQuad, an online LightWave forum found here:
I discovered Unfold3D in May of this year (2005) and was instantly won over by it's simplicity and ease of use.

[PD] : What kind of help was UNFOLD3D for you, comparing with other unwrapping solutions ?
[WV] : Unfold3D has helped speed up my workflow like no other UV tool has ever been able to. What used to take me a good part of my day now gets finished in minutes. I haven't used any other UV tool that is as easy to use and creates beautiful UV's that would take me hours with any other method. To be quite honest, my Uvs were never a pretty site to begin with, but the Uvs that are generated from Unfold3D are a work of art in themselves.

[PD] : What is your favorite feature of Unfold3D?
[WV] : My favorite feature of Unfold3D has to be the one click solution. It really makes it a no brainer and I can get anyone up and running in just a few minutes.

[PD] : Have you used Unfold3D on any project we may have seen lately?
[WV] : The last commercial project I used Unfold3D on was a toy comercial for the toy line "SkyDancers". The commercial is currently being shown on Cartoon NetWork and Nickelodeon and the animated fairy's UV maps were generated in less then 15 minutes and that includes prep time. Saved my at least a couple of hours time.

[PD] : Would you recommend Unfold3D to anyone wanting to create UV maps?
[WV] : Not only would I .....I already have! It's easy to recommend a tool that has proven itself time and time again. Unfold3D does lives up to every promise on the site. Updates to the software seem frequent which is a good sign that the tool will only get better and better!

[PD] : According to you, is there a need for a specific new feature that UNFOLD3D might handle, and in such a case, which one ?
[WV] : The New cutting tool in Unfold3D was a great addition and one on my list of wants so that has been resolved which is great. The ability to draw the seam right inside of Unfold3D allows me to change my mind on the fly without having to jump back to LightWave to prep my model. This is a great addition to an already amazing tool. I would really love the ability to load and save LightWave objects directly into Unfold3D. Currently I export OBJ files from LightWave which is a simple step, but I would love to be able to bypass that step and keep my files in their native format.

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