In recent months, POLYGONAL DESIGN has been the target of various attacks on the internet involving the UNFOLD3D® software and its employees, as well as technological and commercial elements that have been used without any authorization. Given this situation, POLYGONAL DESIGN has seized the TGI of Marseille, which concluded on September 28th 2017 that POLYGONAL DESIGN is the sole and exclusive holder of all the rights concerning the UNFOLD3D® software since its initial marketing in 2003 until its version still currently marketed, called Generation 9. However, since this judgment currently on appeal, the registered software brand UNFOLD3D® is clearly used without authorization by other companies to promote and sell software that exploit largely the technologies UNFOLD3D® whose POLYGONAL DESIGN is only owner, resulting in the need for further lawsuits. POLYGONAL DESIGN is available from all media outlets who would like to talk to the company, and confirms that its employees are all of an indisputable honesty, invested for a long time for the most part in humanitarian work for many years. POLYGONAL DESIGN warns its customers against the actions of any natural or legal person usurping its brands and its products, or their possible relays, which will be subject to prosecution in court.

2017/07/17 UNFOLD3D® 2018 is coming out next fall

All the videos that had become inaccessible are visible again.

Polygonal Design is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new generation of UNFOLD3D® :

UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® : Superb improvements for the most demanding!

UNFOLD3D® Blink UVs® : An ultra fast and accessible tool for freelancers!

Subscribe right now to UNFOLD3D® Generation 9 for as low as Euros 6.90 per month and get UNFOLD3D® 2018 for free as soon as it is released!

And why not enter the contest to win a free perpetual license !

2017/05/01 New UNFOLD3D training center in Beijing, China

Cogito UNFOLD3D training center

2016/05/18 UNFOLD3D honoured in 3D World mag 199

'' Overall, Unfold3D 9 is a very good overhaul, and worth looking into if you need something that unwraps fast, with no muss or fuss. ''

2015/06/05 Unfold3D Generation 9 is there !

After one year and half of development, we are at last releasing our work. Not less than 38 new features (click here for the list) are available in that v9, and that just the visible part of the iceberg. Major improvements has been made in the program core and its UI, to allow faster introduction of new features and managing the two hundred already present.

To have a fast overview of the new features check that video.

For new users, have look at that Unfold3D overview video.

Better trying Generation 9 demo PC and OSX right now to see by yourself how to save tremendous amounts of work time...