2014/03/21 Unfold3D Core inside Maya 2015

Unfold3D plugin is now included in standard into Maya 2015. The plug in contains the two main features of the standalone : Unfold and Optimize.

2013/09/27 New Unfold3D video Tutorial

Here is a nice Unfold3D tutorial made by Ara Kermanikian click here . You will see the full unfold process of a character and severals hand made objects. Ara's website .

2013/06/01 UNFOLD3D Generation 8 has just come out !

Now unwrapping more than one million tris meshes (click for video). The unfolding core has been recoded and the 64 bit version is more stable. If you need to unfold big meshes, Unfold3D is there.

Nice bunch of new tools such as : Multi-UV Grid tools, smart selecting and UV mesh edition, island orientation conservation for packing, and many more ! Click for more .

Better trying Generation 8 demo PC or OSX right now to see by yourself how to save tremendous amounts of work time...

2013/04/12 Unfold3D Core inside Softimage 2014

Since the version 7.5 of Softimage (former XSI), the Unfold3D plugin is included in standard into the Softimage package. For the 2014 version of Softimage, the commands have been re-organized and some are directly anchored into the texture editor.

2011/11/22 OSX version of UNFOLD3D is ready !

Available right now. Just go to our demo page !

The UNFOLD3D® technology has ben choosen by Autodesk® for his best reliability and quality. Unfold3D is intuitive, fast, scalable and give best UVs with mimimun efforts. Most of biggest studios, and clever freelancers, are currently using Unfold3D to work faster, and always better. Check demo version, watch videos, and see by yourself that you just cannot afford working without Unfold3D.

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