UVLayout UV mapping unwrapping unfolding Laser texturing
Video tutorials to learn how to use UNFOLD3D®

Load files

Learn how to load files with or without UV data.

Selecting modes

Learn how to select edges, points, polygons or islands with UNFOLD3D

Selecting tools

This important video covers the two-edge selection mechanism: the Edge Loop Tool and the Shortest Edge Path Tool.

Seams: cutting and welding

It covers the different ways to mark seams (separate polygons of the model). Among others things, this shows the two welding modes: "Weld" and "Mutual Weld" that are complimentary and useful in different scenarios.

Unfold : main UNFOLD3D algorithm

This defines the set on which the Unfold command is applied. It also covers "Prevent" overlapping option.

Optimize: Reduce the stretching

This defines the set on which the Optimize command is applied. It also shows the Optimize Brush tool, and covers the "Angle vs Distance" conservation factor.

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