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Main new features

 0. Unfold3D V7.0 Main features video
 1. New unfolding algorithm
 2. Unfolding improvement video
 3. Density Map Paint System
 4. New Local Surface Optimize Tool
 5. New Point Edition Work Flow

Main new features herited from v6.7

 6. Island Copy Edge Selection
 7. Island Copy UV
 8. Gizmo

Other improvements in generation 7

 9. Relax
 10. Miscellaneous

For a given same mesh, this brand new algorithm reduces stretching by a factor 2 (and even more) compared to the previous algorithm, quality gain is really huge. It means that you double resolution factor on final texture in stretched zones.
Just have a look at comparison tests:

Unfold V6 (Old ABF++ Algorithm)

Unfold V7 (new ISOMAP Algorithm)

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