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Main new features

 0. Unfold3D V7.0 Main features video
 1. New unfolding algorithm
 2. Unfolding improvement video
 3. Density Map Paint System
 4. New Local Surface Optimize Tool
 5. New Point Edition Work Flow

Main new features herited from v6.7

 6. Island Copy Edge Selection
 7. Island Copy UV
 8. Gizmo

Other improvements in generation 7

 9. Relax
 10. Miscellaneous

Angle Optimize

If you prefer keeps the angles instead of surface, just apply that algorithm on the whole mesh, or on island/vertex/edge/poly selection set.

Grow UnGrow for Vertex selection

The classic Grow/UnGrow selection functionality which was present only for Polygons are now present for vertex selection sets.


When that checkbox is enabled, any point edition (move / rotate / scale) will create new pins so that the unfolding will be updated in real time following those new constraints. When disabled, the move / rotate / scale edition will simply move / rotate / scale the point selection set without adding new constraints, giving rapid access to the "simple point edition".

Shortkey 'C'

Following user's demands, Shortkey 'C' is now assigned to the "Cut" feature and 'W' is now assigned to the "Weld" feature.

New Stretching Visualization

The surface stretching error is now displayed as 'per polygons' instead of per vertex. It is perhaps less visually appealing but more adapted to professional user needs.

New Displaying Color

Some edge/polygons/vertex displaying color and size has been changed following the need to improve visual contrast.


Code Optimization in the displaying system
Code Optimization in Undo/Redo system
Lots of bug fixing...

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