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Interview with Terje Lundberg - Funcom

[POLYGONAL DESIGN] : Hello Terje Lundberg. Would you please tell us what is your job at Funcom?

[Terje Lundberg] : Hi, I work as the lead Artist on Age of Conan, meaning I do a lot of management tasks, tracking and planning when it comes to the graphic production for the game.

[PD] : Before getting help of UNFOLD3D, how did you deal at Funcom with UV mapping?

[TL] : Before UNFOLD3D we were forced to spend hours and hours on unwrapping with more conventional tools. While many packages offer different automated unwrap options these days, none of them compare with the efficiency and flawless results offered by the "two click solution" of UNFOLD3D.

[PD] : How much time do you think that you are saving so far when you are using UNFOLD3D instead of alternative methods?

[TL] : On our most complex monsters and characters I would say we save close to a day by using UNFOLD3D, but on average we save a couple of hours here and there, it sure adds up.

[PD] : According to you, which one is a "killer-feature" of UNFOLD3D?

[TL] : Surface adjustment (stretch optimization) is a really nifty feature.
The Unwrap itself is of course the “killer feature” ! :)

[PD] : What should be improved in UNFOLD3D?

[TL] : The packing of UV’s could use the space better but then you need the possibility to assign more space for important areas of a model with ease.

[PD] : We can see a very nice job on pictures of "Blood Defiler" from upcoming Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures. Would you Please tell us how UNFOLD3D helped to make them?

[TL] : We first did the low poly model of the blood defiler, and used Unfold3D to create the seams and a good UV map to make the base for the normal map. Applying the data from the high poly model goes really smooth using this procedure.

[PD] : Is there anything special that you would like to say about UNFOLD3D?

[TL] : Of course, it is the best UV generator available, and helps speed up the process of our graphical production on the Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventure project here at Funcom. I would recommend this product to any artist working with 3d modeling.

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