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" ... there's no doubt that it can be very worth it in production if it works as well as people say ... "
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" ... Given that UV mapping is the single most tedious job in the universe, this is the single most useful app I have ever seen ... "
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" ... I've never done uv unwrapping on an organic model before. Unfold3D looks very helpful! ... "
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" ... Unfold 3d is the best ... "
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" ... I don't know if any of you guys know this soft, but personnally, it changed my life ... "
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" ... but since have switched over to Unfold3d which is free and has the best auto unwrap I've tried ... "
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" ... Unfold3D un nuovo sistema standalone di UVunwrapping, l'nterfaccia scarna ma non sembra aver bisogno di molti 'pulsanti' ... "
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" ... Et nyt tool til unwrapping af 3D modeller der benytter sig af den relativt nye pelting algoritme ... "
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