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Frequently Asked Questions about UNFOLD3D®

How can I make sure that my UNFOLD3D® license is a genuine one ?

POLYGONAL DESIGN and Official UNFOLD3D® Resellers mentionned on our web site are the only UNFOLD3D® genuine license providers.
In case of any doubt, just check your personal customer account : My Polygonal Design account

Which new features are included in next UNFOLD3D® 2019 version ?

This brand new version came out February 2019. Lots of improvements of existing features, mostly coming from users requests, and some major advances too. Many new videos will show everything, be patient, and be sure that UNFOLD3D® 2019 deserves it !

Is it possible to upgrade from an older version of UNFOLD3D® ?

Upgrading to UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® 2019 is possible from older version of UNFOLD3D® generation 8, 9 and UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® 2018 : Upgrading Page
For older versions (< 8.0) please contact us.

What is included in UNFOLD3D® Software Subscription Program ?

UNFOLD3D Software Subscription Program makes free any update or upgrade. In addition, it comes with one full year on e-mail based support for Networking Edition perpetual license which includes one year SSP.
Software Subscription Program (SSP) from Euros 6.90/month !

Is there any LINUX version of UNFOLD3D® available ?

Linux version of UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® 2019 is available since February 2019, for Ubuntu 18 and for Debian 9.

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