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Interview with Gabor Marinov - Digic Pictures (Hungary)

[POLYGONAL DESIGN] : Hello Gabor Marinov from Digic Pictures ! Would you please tell us how helpful UNFOLD3D was while working on Warhammer : Mark of Chaos game cinematics, and is UNFOLD3D responsible in any way for such a never seen graphic quality ?

[GABOR MARINOV] : UNFOLD3D is an incredible help for us. We create very complex 3d models and textures for our movies and before UNFOLD3D we created the UV maps with the traditional tools inside the main 3d application.
With UNFOLD3D Studio which we are using since our Warhammer cinematic project we are able to create perfect UV maps in days instead of weeks for a very complex character. Since we are heavily relying on the displacement feature of Photorealistic Renderman to show details, we need very high quality UV maps. With UNFOLD3D it's possible, even under the cimcurstances of a thight scheduled production.

[PD] : How much time could you save with UNFOLD3D on whole production.

[GM] : Generally speaking there's at least a 4-5 fold speed increase in creating the UV maps, besides the increase in their quality. As we created a number of high detailed characters, props, sets for the movies the saved production time could be measured in weeks.

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