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Interview with Denis François Boland
Co-creator of Polygonal Design (3/3)

Interview by Sonia Barkallah

Studying functional magnetic resonance images

François-Nicolas Chifflart, La Conscience, 1885
"The eye was in the tomb and watched Cain"

[S.B.] : There are currently on the Internet other suppliers than POLYGONAL DESIGN who claim UNFOLD3D®, how is this possible ?
[D.F.] : No other company is authorized to use the UNFOLD3D® software technology, any more than the UNFOLD3D® brand, except our UNFOLD3D® Official Resellers listed on our site, or our industrial partners such as AUTODESK® and AGIE CHARMILLES®. Companies that abuse the merits that are not theirs (such as the conclusion of agreements with companies SOFTIMAGE® or AUTODESK® concerning UNFOLD3D®) and who operate without any authorization from us software technologies UNFOLD3D®, as well as the registered software brand UNFOLD3D® are serious impostures. Of course, we have filed a lot of lawsuits against such companies, and we warn everyone against licensing that includes UNFOLD3D® software technology or derivatives, unauthorized and illegal, that could be responsible for them.

[S.B.] : What are the current and future projects of POLYGONAL DESIGN ?
[D.F.] : In February 2019, for the first time, we were able to market UNFOLD3D® in UV WIZARD® for the three operating systems, Windows®, macOS® and Linux, which is a considerable improvement, thanks to our multiplatform coding environment which also allowed Produce a powerful and accelerated software library, included in AUTODESK® MAYA® 2019, after a new agreement with our partners. This is the result of major investments, including our collaboration with INRIA GRAND-EST. The next version of UNFOLD3D®, the HYPER BLINK UVS® future version, will bring very significant accelerations, on very large 3D meshes, thanks to new techniques resulting from cutting-edge research in Digital Geometry. This, especially since during the last three years, we have also invested a lot in the mastery of Artificial Intelligence and the contribution of advances in neuroscience made possible by functional MRI. We are in the process of producing new software for the compensation of handicaps caused by neurodegenerative diseases, such as leukodystrophies, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Charcot's. We continue to support several associations that work daily to support people who are victims of these pathologies.

[S.B.] : Anything more to say ?
[D.F.] : The first years UNFOLD3DŽ were very difficult, especially until 2008. To allow UNFOLD3D to take off, I sacrificed myself for many years and for a long time I accepted to receive no salary, so that someone from else could earn a significant amount of money. When everything finally worked out well, the one for whom I had sacrificed turned his back on me, considering that I had not given enough, and wanted to take everything for him. I realized that I had hatched the serpent's egg. Still, I do not regret anything. Our true friends have remained faithful, others have arrived, and finally we must believe that God helps us! So I remain optimistic, and I will continue to do good until the end.

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