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Features of UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® 2019 (part 2)

- Improved Real Time Optimize algorithm

- Improved OBJ file mesh importation

- Improved speed and robustness for unfold and optimize

- You can now "weld" polygons and islands

- The tile id display has 3 differents modes: "UDIM", "_u_v" (zero based), "_U_V" (one based)

- The UV tile can have arbitrary ratio, dimensions and location)

- The U and V texture multipliers can be 1:1, Linked, Free, and use the same ratio as the custom texture W&H ratio

- Les multiplicateurs de texture U et V peuvent être 1: 1, liés, libres et utiliser le même rapport que le taux de texture personnalisé W&H

- There is now 4 differents modes for the color of islands in the viewports: Uniform color for island, Strecth, Density map, Off (uniform grey)

- The edge loop selection can have a limit in the number of edge and can stop when two consecutive edges form an angle superior to a given limit. The "Geometric mode" allows to work on triangulated mesh

- New textured grid picture for better distortion visualization

- Monitored file to remote control Unfold3D® by a third app

- New Help window that shows the mouse bindings and tips

- The exporter now export Tiff files (and also BigTiff)

- New "Select Parallel" edges tool

- The UV viewport now has rulers

- The viewport have a new gizmo for switching to the top, bottom, back, front, left and right point of views

- Viewport zoom is now mouse centered

- All numeric input can evaluate mathematic expression (you can writte things like "0.25*2+1.0")

- Topocopy will now work in automatic mode if you select all the islands

- New icon to switch directly from 3D to UV view and vice et versa

- The edge selection Shortest Path tool is faster

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