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Features list of UNFOLD3D® UV Wizard® 2019

- New brush tool for Optimize and unfold

- Unfold3DŽ does not create overlaps anymore when flattening islands

- New selection dialog to select polygons from OBJ file groups, materials and smoothing groups. The frontiers of these groups can also be used to create an edge selection set

- Possibility to add roomspace on the tight zones of the island frontiers to remove texture bleed

- Full featured transformation panel (Rotate Scale Translate with mathematic evaluation). Different center and axis modes

- New "Proportionnal Transform" tool (with distance mesh based)

- New Drag, Pinch, Spread brush tools

- New user interface

- Soft pinning (brush editable)

- LUA script for a full control of Unfold3DŽ

- Free form area selection (raytraced)

- New "Cut Mutual" tool

- UDIM support with multiple UV Tiles

- 5 new mouse presets: Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush, Modo, Rhino

- New Grid with island bounding box and point snapping

- New tools to hide, isolate, show islands

- Automatic edge straightening tool for grid like islands

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